Predictable Costs with CyCloud

In the past few years, many enterprises have come to realize that this flexibility to access large computing resources at will is neither free nor necessary. It means paying for your and others’ surge capacity whether using it or not. The reality is that most enterprises have quite predictable workload requirements for their most sensitive data. As a result, enterprises end up paying much more for over capacity they never use. Moreover, enterprises are left with less security for their most confidential data since the public cloud environment is more vulnerable to security breaches.     

The public cloud has failed to deliver on its promises of decreasing expenses and creating a predictable cost structure by converting CAPEX to OPEX. Realizing cost savings on the public cloud is extremely difficult and requires enterprises to completely re-engineer their applications. This process is costly, complex, it increases security problems and ultimately locks the company into that new configuration. The cost of making your infrastructure “cloud ready” far outweighs any near-term benefits of moving to the cloud. 

If your company is like most enterprises, your sensitive data typically has predictable workloads. CyLogic understands you. CyCloud, The Secure Enterprise Cloud, will provide you with lower, fixed costs and a higher level of security than any public cloud provider for your most sensitive data. CyCloud does not require costly re-engineering of applications to make them “cloud ready”, which negates the promised cost-effectiveness of moving to the cloud in the first place. 

CyCloud is not a public cloud, but you benefit from cost-sharing without compromising security. You share the resources that you need: power, data center costs, monitoring, compliance and top-level security experts. Your Private CyCloud does not expose you to the risk of sharing computing power resources that you may not always need and potentially expose your enterprise to unacceptable security risks.

Public Cloud platforms like AWS and Azure offer startups companies, small-medium businesses as well as large enterprises the ability to scale computing services as needed. However, the flexibility of the public cloud comes at a premium: offering on-demand computing resources is not free. Maintaining this flexibility for the customer creates uncertainty and risk for the cloud provider and must be paid for by someone and is factored into the price.

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